SharePoint 2016

The Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 Training is intended to provide the necessary skills required to administer a Microsoft SharePoint 2016 environment. By the end of this course you will know how to administer and troubleshoot the SharePoint environment, design the information architecture for SharePoint deployment, and manage the information taxonomy in the web applications of SharePoint.


  • Create a Data Connection Library
  • Create a Contact List
  • How to use and create Document Sets
  • Create and modify a My Site
  • Setup and Configure Permissions for External List
  • Create a Discussion Board
  • Create/Upload an Universal Data Connection
  • How to create and use the various lists in SharePoint
  • Adding list columns to tag your content with metadata
  • Create/Upload an Office Data Connection
  • Create an Announcement List
  • Use Check out and Check in
  • Understand that SharePoint has no deny


  • Module 1: Introducing SharePoint 2016
  • Module 2: Designing an information architecture
  • Module 3: Designing a logical architecture
  • Module 4: Designing a physical architecture
  • Module 5: Installing and configuring SharePoint 2016
  • Module 6: Creating web applications and site collections
  • Module 7: Planning and configuring service applications
  • Module 8: Managing users and permissions, and securing content
  • Module 9: Configuring authentication for SharePoint 2016
  • Module 10: Securing a SharePoint 2016 deployment
  • Module 11: Managing taxonomy
  • Module 12: Configuring user profiles
  • Module 13: Configuring Enterprise Search
  • Module 14: Monitoring and maintaining a SharePoint 2016 environment


  • Anyone with a familiarity of SharePoint workloads.
  • Basic knowledge of Windows Shell which is a GUI for the Windows OS.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to install, configure, deploy, and manage SharePoint 2016 installations either in a data center or in the cloud.


5 Days