ITIL® Service Capability : Release, Control & Validation (RCV)

This ITIL® Release, Control and Validation course provides a comprehensive overview of this area of the Service Lifecycle and prepares you to take the Release, Control and Validation exam, leading to the ITIL® RCV certification.ITIL® Release, Control and Validation is one of the nine Intermediate ITIL® training courses which can be mixed and matched to gain the credits needed for the ITIL® Expert certification, and one of the four courses which make up the Service Capability Stream. Release, Control and Validation concerns practices for the planning, testing and implementation of new services to meet user and organizational needs.This Release, Control and Validation course begins with an overview of Service Transition, as covered in our ITIL® Service Lifecycle – Service Transition course, including change management as well as preparing people and organizations for change.The course then moves on to consider the role of asset and configuration management in Release, Control and Validation, which is used to identify, record, and evaluate assets.The construction of a CMS is briefly covered, before outlining the process of service validation and highlighting its importance.The course subsequently covers the Release and Deployment stages of the lifecycle, noting their inputs and outputs, before discussing how best to maintain a service through request fulfilment, change evaluation, and knowledge management.The course then concludes by detailing the practicalities of Release, Control and Validation, beginning with the associated roles and responsibilities before examining potential implementation issues with service operation.Delegates will conclude the course with a thorough knowledge of all the constituent stages of the RCV process and an awareness of its applicability to their own organizational contexts.By providing a comprehensive guide to the processes of the ITIL® Service Transition framework, Release, Control and Validation will be particularly beneficial to anybody involved in activities during this stage.


  • Obtain knowledge on ITIL® terminology, process structure, roles, functions and activities that will enable role focused capability and competency in support of the Service Lifecycle approach as described in ITIL®.
  • Provides delegates with practical guidance on the design and implementation of integrated end-to-end processes based on proven industry best practice guidelines.
  • Prepares delegates for the ITIL® Capability examination in Release, Control & Validation.


  • Service Management as a Practice.
  • Processes across the Service Lifecycle pertaining to the capability of Release, Control and Validation management.
  • Change management as a capability to realize successful service transition.
  • Service validation and testing as a capability to assure the integrity and the quality of service transition.
  • Service asset and configuration management as a capability to monitor the state of service transition.
  • Knowledge management as part of enhancing the on-going management decision support and service delivery capability.
  • Service request fulfilment and evaluation to assure meeting committed service level performance.
  • Common Service Operation activities related to Release, Control and Validation processes.
  • Organizing for Service Operation which describe functions to be performed within Release, Control and Validation processes.
  • Release Control and Validation process roles and responsibilities.
  • Technology and Implementation Considerations.
  • Challenges, Critical Success Factors and risks.
  • CSI as a consequence of effective Release, Control and Validation processes.


  • Individuals who require a deep understanding of Release, Control & Validation processes and how they may be used to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organization.
  • Practitioner staff who already hold the ITIL® V3 Foundation Certificate or equivalent


4 Days