ISO/IEC 20001:2018 IT Service Management: Internal Auditor Training

This course teaches a general understanding of the concepts of the ISO 20000-1:2018 standard and the principles and practices of effective internal audits in accordance with ISO 19011:2018, “Guidelines on Auditing Management Systems”. Experienced instructors explain the clauses of ISO 20000-1:2018 in detail and guide students through internal audits that are required for an information technology service management system based on ISO 20000-1:2018. Students gain necessary auditing skills through a balance of formal classroom tutorials, practical role-playing, group workshops, and open forum discussions.


  • Understand IT service management definitions, concepts, and guidelines
  • Understand the purpose of the ISO 20000 series
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the auditor
  • Apply ISO 19011:2018 concepts, new terminology and guidelines
  • Recognize the principles, practices, and types of audits
  • Understand the types of risks and opportunities associated with auditing
  • Conduct all phases of an internal audit adopting a risk-based approachs
  • Prepare and present effective reports
  • Understand Exemplar Global’s certification scheme


  • Understand auditing principles and auditor responsibilities
  • Plan, carry out and report on an ISO/IEC 20000 internal audit
  • Conduct opening and closing meetings
  • Produce accurate documentation and recommend corrective action


Individuals interested in conducting, managing, or participating in first-party (internal) audits


5 Days