IBM Systems Director 6.3 for Power Systems II: Advanced Configurations

This course covers how to configure and use IBM Systems Director 6.3 in advanced configuration scenarios. Implementing Best Practices, IBM DB2 as an external database, implement active energy manager, and Hierarchical Management Servers (HMS) will be explored during this course.This course is designed for the IBM Power based systems with clients running AIX.


  • Implement IBM Systems Director 6.3 management server using best practice/tuning guidelines
  • Install and configure IBM DB2 as an external database for IBM Systems Director 6.3
  • Implement Active Energy Manager
  • Configure multiple IBM Systems Director Servers in a Hierarchical Management Server environment
  • Perform select operations and tasks within a Hierarchical Management Server environment


  • Implementing Best Practices
  • External Database
  • Problem Determination
  • Hierarchical Management Servers


This advanced course is for anyone responsible for implementing and managing a virtualized infrastructure on Power-based systems. The audience for this training includes AIX System Administrators, Systems Operators, and System Architects.


2 Days