COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation

This course will help you gain the necessary knowledge to design and implement an effective IT governance system and learn how to operate governance improvement programs through the use of the COBIT2019 Design and Implementation Program

Your COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation certification supports your ability to understand, design, and implement corporate IT governance programs

Knowing about COBIT is different from your ability to use it and also knowing how to make others to use it is another thing

This course is intended for people who have basic knowledge of the COBIT® 2019 Foundation and would like to apply it in their organizations today


  • Learn how to design and implement COBIT in your organization
  • Learn COBIT best practices that will contribute the success of your organization in the market
  • Find out how to get started with COBIT
  • Learn how to contribute to making others use COBIT
  • Prepare for the ISACA COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation Exam


  • Review of key concepts of COBIT 2019
  • Design Factors for a Governance System
  • Enterprise Strategy
  • Enterprise Goals
  • Risk Profile
  • I&T Related Issues
  • Threat Landscape
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Role of IT
  • Sourcing model for IT
  • IT Implementation Methods
  • Technology Adoption
  • Enterprise Size
  • Impact of Design Factors
  • Management Objective Selection
  • Component Variations
  • Specific Focus Areas
  • The Governance System Design Workflow
  • Understand enterprise context and strategy
  • Determine initial scope of the governance system
  • Refine the scope of the governance system
  • Resolve conflicts and conclude governance system design
  • The Governance Design Toolkit
  • Implementing and Optimizing I & T Governance Overview
  • COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide
  • Positioning I&T governance
  • Creating Appropriate Environment
  • Governance Implementation Roadmap
  • Trigger events for governance improvement
  • Stakeholder stakes and roles
  • Governance Implementation Lifecycle
  • Key Topics Decision Matrix


This course is intended for IT professionals who are managers, regulators, risk and security management professionals and anyone wishing to implement COBIT or earn ISACA COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation certification


2 Days