Network + Support Skills

This five-day practical “hands-on” course is designed to produce competent network support technicians, capable of taking and passing the Network+ 2009 exam.This course is intended for delegates who wish to learn skills in installing, maintaining and troubleshooting local area networks, with a particular emphasis on core routing & switching technologies & Microsoft Client & Server technologies


  • Install and configure a network card
  • Define the concepts of network layers
  • Understand and implement the TCP/IP protocol
  • Install and manage Windows NT
  • Use test equipment to troubleshoot network connectivity


Networking concepts

  • Networking fundamentals, topologies, network design
  • The OSI Model
  • Troubleshooting network adapter problems
  • Introduction to protocols
  • Transport Remote access & security protocols

Network cabling and devices

  • Network communication methods
  • Cables and connectors, Ethernet devices
  • Internetworking components
  • Introduction to internetworking

Introducing bridges, routers and switches

  • Remote and WAN connectivity
  • Introduction to remote connectivity
  • Topic B: Installing and configuring a modem
  • Topic C: Remote Access Service (RAS) and remote access clients
  • Topic D: WAN connectivity
  • Troubleshooting hardware components

TCP/IP fundamentals

  • Evolution of TCP/IP
  • TCP/IP addressing and subnetting
  • IP addressing
  • Subnetting and special addressing
  • TCP/IP installation and configuration

Security – Firewalls and proxies Firewalls & Proxy servers

  • TCP/IP troubleshooting tools
  • Telnet, Topic C: File Transfer Protocol

Identifying network operating system

  • Microsoft Windows , UNIX, Linux,
  • Directory services
  • Windows networking concepts
  • Directory services planning and implementation
  • Introduction to Active Directory

Accessing and managing resources in a Windows Network

  • Creating and managing Active Directory user accounts
  • Introduction to group accounts
  • The NTFS file system and permissions
  • Working with shared folders: Introduction to printing concepts

Monitoring and troubleshooting a Windows Server

  • Introduction to server monitoring
  • Troubleshooting with Event Viewer
  • Working with the Performance console

Fault tolerance and disaster recovery

  • System fault tolerance, Replication, Backup and UPS
  • Troubleshooting procedures
  • Troubleshooting scenarios


This course is intended for delegates who wish to take their first steps in their IT careers by learning Network concepts and prepare for the Network + 2009 exam.


5 Days