IBM PowerHA/XD: Extended Distance and Disaster Recovery

This course is designed to teach PowerHA for AIX professionals thetechniques used to plan for, configure, and manage PowerHA/XD usingGeographic Logical Volume Manager (GLVM), Metro Mirror, or Global Mirroras the data replication method.


  • Plan for data replication over a distance, considering replication
    method (software versus hardware), bandwidth requirements, latency,
    and time-to-write
  • Describe GLVM (Synchronous and Asynchronous), Metro/Global
    Mirror, and PowerHA/XD concepts and processing
  • Plan for and implement PowerHA/XD with GLVM and Metro/Global
  • Perform ongoing maintenance of the PowerHA/XD for GLVM cluster


Day 1

  • Welcome
  •  Unit 1: Disaster recovery and PowerHA/XD concepts
  • Unit 2: GLVM concepts and synchronous configuration
  •  Exercise 1: PowerHA/XD reference, lab assignments, and gmdsizing
  •  Exercise 2: Synchronous GLVM implementation

Day 2

  • Unit 3: PowerHA/XD for GLVM and Asynchronous GLVM configuration
  • Exercise 3: PowerHA/XD for GLVM configuration and Asynchronous
    GLVM integration

Day 3

  • Unit 4: PowerHA/XD for Metro-Mirror
  • Unit 5: PowerHA/XD for GLVM cluster management
  • Exercise 4: PowerHA/XD for GLVM cluster management
  • Lab completion and open lab


PowerHA for AIX system administrators and support personnel who will be
responsible for the implementation and maintenance of IBM Power p systems
running PowerHA/XD clusters.
The course is aimed at the following audience:

  • Students who wish to understand PowerHA/XD concepts and how it
    can be used to provide automated disaster recovery.
  • Students who wish to learn about how to implement GLVM, Metro
    Mirror or Global Mirror as a data replication method for PowerHA/XD.
  • Students who wish to learn about how to manage PowerHA/XD for
    GLVM clusters.


3 Days