COBIT 2019 Foundation

Advance your knowledge on the latest update on the COBIT 2019 framework

Over the years, best practice frameworks development processes have been undertaken in order to assist in the understanding, design and implementing enterprise governance of IT (EGIT).

COBIT 2019 is based on many years of development and integration in this field by activating insights as practice and also integrating new insights from science.

This Foundation Course is intended for current COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate holders as well as those new to COBIT who are interested in achieving the latest foundation certificate.

this course will highlight the concepts, models and key definitions of the COBIT framework and will help to prepare learners to take the COBIT 2019 Foundation Exam.


The main points you will learn from this course are:

·         An introduction to the new framework from COBIT

·         the basic Concepts

·         Understand the principles of governance and the framework

·         Understand the system and components of governance

·         Identify the goals of governance and management

·         Know how to manage performance

·         Knowing how to design a customized governance system


  • Knowing the main reasons and benefits of using COBIT as a framework for managing information and technology
  • Knowing the main features of the COBIT framework
  • A comparison of COBIT principles for a governance system framework
  • Description of the components of the system of government
  • Governance and management objectives
  • The components of the system of government
  • Focus areas
  • Design factors
  • Cascade goals
  • Identify the elements of governance and the objectives of management
  • Learn how to design a customized governance system using COBIT
  • Learn about the key points of a COBIT business case
  • Describe the relationships between design and implementation of COBIT®.
  • Your preparation for the COBIT® 2019 Foundation Exam


The course is aimed at stakeholders who have responsibilities for governance and management of enterprise information and technology


2 Days