Blockchain Ethereum Training: Hands-on Development Bootcamp

Learn the components of Ethereum and how to setup an Ethereum public network. This course will introduce you to Solidity and how to build a basic app and develop smart contracts through extensive hands-on labs.You’ll also review web3 and the Truffle framework before linking everything together by building a full web project with Ethereum.This course has been meticulously put together and is taught by world-class subject matter experts. Our experts will walk you through deep dive topics including the steps to integrate/develop an application with Ethereum.There are use cases, proof of concepts, as well as interactive hands-on labs.


What you will learn in this course:

  • Blockchain basics and the types of Blockchain’s
  • The major components of the Ethereum Blockchain
  • The Ethereum programing language, Solidity
  • Smart contracts
  • Development of DApp v1.1


What is Blockchain and Smart Contracts?

  • What is Blockchain and how does it work?
  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum
  • Smart contract
  • How you can use smart contracts?
  • Advantages of smart contracts
  • Solidity
  • Lab
    • Types of variables in Solidity
    • Public and private code
    • Public variables and functions
    • Private variables and functions
    • Internal functions
    • External functions
    • Smart contract constructors
    • Constant variables
    • Setting variables
    • Lab challenge

Smart Contracts with web3.js

  • Lab
    • Installing and running the Ethereum TestRPC
    • Installing web3.js
    • Changing the environment in Remix
    • Creating the UI
    • Using web3.js to connect and interact with the smart contract
  • Solution
  • Lab challenge

Smart Contract events with web3.js

  • AIM
  • Lab
    • The current contract
    • Defining the smart contract event
    • Updating the UI
  • Lab challenge

Functions, Mapping, and Structs

  • Theory
    • Functions
    • Mapping
    • Structs
  • Lab
    • The smart contract
    • Creating a modifier
    • Using the modifier
    • Web3 UI’s modifier handling
  • Lab
    • Creating a struct
    • Creating the mapping
    • Map addition
    • Get from the mapping
    • The full contract
    • Count from map
  • Lab challenge

Inheritance and Deployment

  • Theory
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Inheritance
  • Lab
    • Current contract
    • Creating a base contract
    • Changing from strings to bytes
    • Continuing the project
    • Installing MetaMask
    • Deploy contract to the Ropsten testnet network
  • Lab
    • Update the HTML form
    • Update the JavaScript
    • Using the App
  • Lab challenge

Embark Framework and it’s Deployment

  • Blockchain (Ethereum)
  • Decentralized storage (IPFS)
  • Decentralized communication
  • Web technologies
  • Lab
    • Installing Embark framework
    • Hello World with Embark framework
    • First contract deployment with Embark framework

Solidity Smart Contracts Testing

  • Theory
    • What is software testing?
  • Lab
  • Lab challenge

Contracts Management with Factories

  • Theory
  • Factory
  • Lab
  • Lab challenge

IPFS Files Hosting

  • Theory
    • IPFS
    • File hosting
  • Lab
    • Get your hosting server
    • Install IPFS on the server
  • Lab challenge

End-to-end Development of DApp

  • AIM
  • Lab
    • Setup the project
    • Program the smart contract
    • Create the front-end of the application
    • Deploy the App with IPFS
  • Lab challenge


This course is designed for experienced programmers and developers who want a comprehensive deep dive in writing smart contracts and building applications that interact with them.


3 Days